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Главная » 2012 » Сентябрь » 6 » Опубликована книга о биополитике (на англ.яз.)/Book on Biopolitics" Available in English
Опубликована книга о биополитике (на англ.яз.)/Book on Biopolitics" Available in English
Резюме книгиSummary of the book 
Biopolitics. The Political Potential of the Life Sciences by Alexander Oleskin. Hauppage (N.Y.): NovaScience Publ. 2012. 

In the 21st century, the life sciences exert a considerable influence on the humanities and social sciences. People around the world pin their hopes on biology (which can help overcome the ecological crisis and produce new kinds of cheap food) and are concerned about possible risks associated with its developments (such as the possible creation of genetic mutants and cloned humans). Biological knowledge is being increasingly applied to issues related to ethics, linguistics, esthetics, history, and politics. Biology is currently making a significant contribution to the development of new guidelines concerning the economic and cultural progress of humankind. This guidebook concentrates on an important aspect of the biological mission in the present-day world: its social and political implications. Taken together, they are referred to as biopolitics in the book.

Biopolitics is founded on the "soft naturalism” principle, implying that the human being is a multilevel entity. Biological and cultural elements coexist, compete, and cooperate inside him. Without equating a human being with an animal, biopolitics, nonetheless, demonstrates to people how important the influence of evolutionary factors on their behavior can actually be. Information concerning biological influences on human behavior can help us explain how certain human activity is driven by a variety of subconscious or unconscious factors. Perhaps more importantly, it can help us resist these influences if they are incompatible with our social norms, moral rules, or cultural traditions.

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